Positive Health Chiropractic

Dr. Juan Gutierrez, D.C.

About Dr. Gutierrez

The path to becoming a chiropractor was not a traditional one for Dr. Gutierrez.  After graduation from Cornell University in 1999 he promptly entered the corporate world, while also pursuing a lifetime goal – running the NYC marathon.  This led to his finding natural pain relief treatment for the discomfort in his back and knee which threatened to prevent him from achieving his goal.  He discovered that with chiropractic treatment, and the greater body awareness attained through regular treatment, he confidently ran and completed the NYC Marathon.  He continues to regularly participate in distance races and other athletic events injury-free for over a dozen years.

Feeling unbalanced and unfulfilled with his corporate career, Dr. Gutierrez sought to master the benefits of holistic and natural treatment in a new career path, first obtaining a Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College.  Later he worked at the prestigious South Shore Neurologic Associates on Long Island to provide drug-free pain relief to patients with a full range of conditions; from cancer survivors and MS patients to pain medication addicts as well as patients seeking natural pain relief from general musculoskeletal issues.

Later Dr. Gutierrez moved back to New York, joining a multidisciplinary clinic in midtown Manhattan.  His patients recieved natural pain relief for musculoskeletal pain, but also during these sessions, they realized they had a partner in their health.

The success of his patient care finally led Dr. Gutierrez to open his own practice – Positive Health Chiropractic – to assist those seeking natural pain relief, those looking for new solutions to old problems, and to encourage the self-motivated who are learning to help themselves.

“It’s simple to understand, but harder to practice; use positive habits to balance the negative stress of everyday life.  The positive health days, will add up to a lifetime of balance, health and tranquility.”


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