Positive Health Chiropractic

Dr. Juan Gutierrez, D.C.


The comments below were posted on Rate MDs – an anonymous posting site.  Please click here to rate your experience with Dr. Gutierrez.

“What I like about Dr. Juan Gutierrez is that he gets results quicker than other practitioners. He is attentive to the patient’s needs and he adapts his ideas or plans to the verbal or physical response from the patient.”

“Dr. Gutierrez is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Since he and I are both runners and he knows I’m pretty active, he always educates me and gives me advices and tips on how to take better care of my body when I cannot make it for one of his appointments. He also knows I tend to get scared when my neck gets cracked, so he’ll give me a heads up, massage my neck and talk to me until I feel relaxed before he cracks it. He will never force any treatments unless I am comfortable with it…”

“Dr. J. Gutierrez is very knowledgeable and very helpful in treating my lower back and neck problems. He has excellent manners, he spends time with me and he answers all my questions. He explained me in detail during the first visit what exactly was causing my pain and how chiropractic treatments would help me. I feel much better after a few visits and I definitely recommend him.”

“This doctor is very professional, knowledgeable on addressing my pain issues, and educating me on how to help myself, as well. He is very pleasant and respectful, and easy to talk to concerning my back pain issues. He listens and provides helpful information, as well as honoring my request not to “crack” my back. He can be very gentle when I ask him to use less pressure during my treatment. “


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